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    • Environmental dredging

      Environmental dredging targets polluted materials in sections of ports and rivers, often within industrial areas. These remediation projects require accurate dredging, low generation of turbidity and low spillage in order to remove contamination without harming the surrounding environment.

    • Frame contract

      A frame contract is often used in large dredging projects. The contract describes the overall scope of the work and a global timing. The customer and the contractor (or a consortium of contractors) will then negotiate a detailed share contract for the different parts of the project.

    • Gantry

      The structure that holds the suspension gear of the ladder.

    • Grab dredger

      Small dredging operations and parts of large projects are executed with grabs or clamshells. The grabs can be mounted on stationary pontoons, either with anchors or spuds, or on self-propelled vessels. Especially near constructions in ports and rivers the grab can be operated accurately and safely.

    • Grain size distribution

      Each soil consists of grains of different sizes. The size of the smallest grain and of the largest grain may vary widely from the average size. That is why the distribution of the grain sizes of the soil must be known. To determine this, the soil is sieved. The result of this operation is represented as a grain size distribution diagram.