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    • Bow thrusters

      Bow thrusters are propulsion devices that are installed in the bow of a vessel to increase manoeuvrability. They are ideal for navigation in confined spaces, such as port basins or narrow channels, and they are also used to keep the dredger in place during rainbowing or discharge by pipeline.

    • Capital dredging

      Dredging activities focused on creating new harbors, berths or waterways, or to deepen or widen existing facilities.

    • Centrifugal dredge pumps

      Centrifugal dredge pumps lie at the heart of every dredging challenge. The pumps provide the suction power to transport the soil mixture from the bottom of the dredge site to a hold or the discharge site through pipeline. Their power, capacity, resistance to wear and malfunction, and general robust and reliable character are essential features. Dredge pumps come in a variety of sizes, designs and materials and can be installed onboard, inboard, submerged and in booster stations.

    • Charter contract

      A charter contract means that the customer hires the equipment and personnel of the contractor and informs the contractor where to dredge. The contractor is hired at a basic rate per day or per hour.

    • Christmas tree installation

      In conditions with waves or swell, positioning a dredger by means of spuds is not advisable. In that case, a central anchor system, also known as a Christmas tree installation can be used.