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Dredge equipment

Finding a suitable finance solution

Whether you’re considering a new order for a dredging vessel, a piece of equipment or spare parts, there are a number of different finance solutions available to you, regardless of the vessel’s size.

Financing options

Given the extensive array of dredging equipment available on the market, the range of financial solutions are equally extensive. These include project-specific payment terms, supplier credit, commercial financing, rental and leasing solutions, as well as buyers’ credit.

Growing demand

Over the past few years, financing specialists have seen a significant increase in the demand for customised finance solutions. After the financial crisis, it has become more challenging to secure financing. Do you need a helping hand to obtain a finance solution for your dredging vessel? If so, use the cost calculator for a an estimation of the costs per dredged m3, and fill in the contact form for further advice.

Equipment Selector

Calculate if a hopper dredger or a cutter suction dredger is most suitable for your project! And request an estimation of the costs per dredged m3